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Originally Posted by Cyclonetrain
Well, then why upload?

The Photo Queue isn't as bad as it used to be, but it still doesn't need to be clogged with "I have no expectations for this photo" or "This photo isn't great but I want to see what they say." It should be filled with "This photo best represents my skills in an outstanding way" or "This is of good quality and has some historical/newsworthy significance to it."

The screeners already have their work cut out for them, why should they accept something you don't think is good?
My apologies but I did actually upload the photo with some glimmer of hope as I got alot of great comments on the photo and I do think it is a good photo, but I know as an aviation photographer from the criteria that needs to be met this one maybe doesn't meet it, but still it's worth a try, sorry for wasting the screeners time, but when I checked the queue I was astounded to see only 13 photos in the queue when has at one point had 5,500+ photos in queue... So surely 13 isn't too bad but I really did upload the photo with a positive attitude rather than a "Lets see if I can get one past them" kind of attitude...

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