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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
I have always been under the impression this was an HDR shot, but then again it could be a RAW that was separated into three exposures and combined as was mentioned. I have certainly never seen lighting like that before but then again I've never been to the UK!
Image © Alan-Crotty
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Photograph © Alan-Crotty
Unless Alan took several exposures at the scene and combined them in a program like Photomatix of CS2 or 3, then no, it's not HDR. It's also quite likely anything moving (the workers) in the photo would be blurred to some extent if it was HDR.

Here is an example of that. Five exposures combined, a few of them long exposures showing motion in the water. The "streaks" from the leaves and other stuff moving in the water were extended due to the combined exposures:

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