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Default Holly Springs, Mississippi

So my fiancee and I are in the little town of Holly Springs, MS (45 mins S. of Memphis) and I see the old train-station on the hill. Not much going on there, so I'm snooping around the old GP-20s, empty cabooses and other rusty equipment. So she asks "What's that thing?", pointing to the weirdest-looking thing I'd ever seen on rails... almost monster-like, with a huge, steel, gaping maw that ended with a sharp pointed edge.

Of course, it was a snowplow... the first I'd ever seen. (I'm from the South.) I can't help but wonder what a snowplow of that size was doing in a deep Southern town (besides rusting away). Do they still use those things?

Oh, and if anyone ever goes to Holly Springs, make absolutely sure you eat lunch at Phillips Grocery, right next to the old depot. The best hamburger I've ever eaten -- anywhere.)
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