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Originally Posted by BUFFIE View Post
My next lesson to learn is when to say 'Uncle' on resubmitting an image vs chasing the rabbit down the hole of making corrections based on the reject and resubmitting.

Original submittal:

Rejected for Too Loose

Correction made was to re-crop image based on Doug's suggestion and resubmit

then it got this reject: (composition / balance)

Correction made was to crop even tighter and using a later image in the series where the engine was closer to the right side so it would be farther from the center.

then it got this reject:

reason was



Uncorrected Re-upload (which is wasn't)

so for this image.......'Uncle'
Once upon a time, I too got ulcers over rejections here, although about 80% were accepted. Everything changed once my Flickr views left my RP views in the dust. Sometimes I don't even bother re-submitting the rejected. Life is much more placid now.
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