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I guess I'll join the party and post every human-interest shot I have in the database...

Larry, Tabasco and chips:
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 298699
Photograph © David Honan

A fly fisherman works Esopus Creek below Catskill Mountain Railroad Bridge C-30:
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 296503
Photograph © David Honan

(I think I posted this one in the Bridges gallery, too, but I'm getting thin on material here...)

After their engine derailed, this BNSF crew pondered the eternal question: "What the %#$& do we do now?"
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 270526
Photograph © David Honan

Aaaaannnd... that's it. Hm. Looks like I have some work to do on expanding the boundaries of the shots I choose.
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