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Well, I am still technically a noob here, but I will offer my opinion. I'm a D80 user, I would go for the glass which is what I am trying to accomplish now, The D300 is a great camera, and I hope by the time I can acquire the glass I want that it will drop in price. Although with the D700 you are getting the D3 sensor in a smaller package, and if you get the grip you will pretty much have a D3. I have heard though that when you use a DX lens on an FX sensor it will be soft in the corners, but it might not matter that much. Nikon makes a lot more DX lenses then FX lenses though. If high ISO is your concern the D700 will be the best body for that.

You can get the D200 on B&H now for 800 bucks, something else to consider as well. It's something I am looking into as well having 2 bodies so I wont have to change lenses so often.

Hope I was of some help.
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