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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
If it matters, I totally started a slow clap for this.

A year or so ago, I was out with a friend and he had his two boys with us, 6 and 11 respectively. Conductor on a local decided to give us all the finger. It was a very tough decision to e-mail the photo to the railroad knowing how touchy a subject it can be among train crews. Nevertheless, what kind of example is that to demonstrate in front of kids?

Several months later, we had the polar opposite. Train was stopped waiting for a couple to pass by, and the engineer invited us up into the cab to shoot the breeze while they waited.

Some folks just can't be nice enough, and others just can't be nice. . .

Just do what they do in Europe. Line up in a row and drop trouser and moon um as they pass.
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