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Don't worry about the linking - it's not cheating, it's simply taking advantage of a situation offered by admin. Back before the linking - specifically to sites with large viral like viewership, it was the best... er, the most appealing images, that made it to the front page and got their due place spotlighted on the front page. Now, RP has seemingly become "the BEST railroad photo campaigns on the net".

I don't think anyone has a problem with those that wish to share their images to the largest possible audiences. Rather, it is the aggravation that admin has created this loophole which tilts the balance from most appealing to most campaigned images that get best notoriety. Course, this, unfortunately is good for the site as it creates a desire among photographers to "work" for RP and boost viewership. As a business model, this is good. From a "artists" point of view - not so much. Some of us just want to share pics without the hassle of the follow up campaign lest our best images go unseen to what would appear a majority of viewers who never look past what's on the front page.

Now - of course, you could always simply post your actual picture to these sites vs the links.... but in some cases you can not, and other cases you simply are negating the need to rewrite the caption, dates and locations.

If admin would not count or subtract linked views from the Top of the Last 24 hours formula, their motto would be restored - once again, "The BEST railroad photos on the net", but visible vs buried within.

Unfortunately - there are those, however, that link not for convenience, but to take advantage of the system. This is not like FLICKR - and rarely would anyone post a link to a shot that no longer has a chance at the front page (after 24 hours).

Seemingly, a few have discovered methods to boost views without a trace.

This makes the site less enjoyable for those that wish or recall days when the best.. the most appealing images were featured on the front page vs the best campaigned. Fortunately, there's no place like RP for finding those buried photos so easily after 24 hours.

Enjoy your stay - we look forward to your pics and insight /queries on the Forums.

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