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Parker Wilson here. Some of you guys sure are good at judging one's character based on the fact that they shared their photo on a website. This thread was an interesting welcome to this forum.
I feel like I should note that I made no more than a few links to this photo in the small communities in which I actively participate on Reddit. Namely r/Russia, r/trains, and r/trainporn. Every link aside from that in the list of 'referring websites' is a separate link that Reddit generates for each time someone attempts to view the image. I did not link my picture 600+ times. Also I didn't realize that it was 'cheating' to share my picture within those communities. So I guess I should apologize for doing so. Since reading about how uptight some of you guys got over it, I have moved to only sharing my images after they are at least 24 hours old.

Now I can agree with what many said about his site needing some serious work. The fact that I'm only now able to reply to this thread is a testament to that. I initially attempted to register last summer, but the forum had an error that prevented submitting the registration page. I sent numerous messages and emails to admins before it was fixed several months later. Finally, after being able to register in October, I had to wait for my account to be activated by a moderator. That wasn't done until earlier today. Obviously some things need some work around here.

I also appreciate those who pointed out the 'pink' in my photo (even though some chose some fairly harsh wording to do so). Unfortunately I have issues with seeing shades of red properly (moderately colorblind), so somewhere in the process of editing that slipped past me. It has been corrected as much as I can tell. I also agree with what some have said about the image leaning. I will blame that one 100% on the screeners. I was forced to rotate the image much further than I would have liked in order for it to finally be accepted.
Anyways, I want to say that it has been very helpful reading many of your comments in the various threads here. I'll admit that I've only been shooting for around a year, so I consider myself to be pretty new at this. Hopefully I can learn more from everyone as time goes on.

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