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In no way is it insulting to a person when you don't like their photo. It's just a photo and has no connection to what kind of person the photographer is. A photo is not a reflection of what kind of person the photographer is. I don't know how to make it any clearer.

Moore, my example is this very thread with Travis. I've mentioned it multiple times but I guess you missed it.

Originally Posted by jdirelan87
You seem to be sensible. As such, you obviously must: 1) realize your style is abrasive (sometimes even more so when you will criticize with little or no follow up) and 2) want to be known as an abrasive or trolling poster because you continue to present yourself in such a manor. Keeping this mind, don't expect people to warm up to, or for that matter, keep typing these long responses justifying your actions to us....

unless you are just whoring for attention, which would be the pot calling the kettle black.
I know I am somewhat abrasive, but honesty think that is the best and quickest way to learn to be a better photographer.

If I was really concerned with how I was known, I would have left this forum a long time ago. Maybe it would be best if I did leave.

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