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Originally Posted by Mike B.
I could speak up whenever I see something I like and I sometimes do, but if my photos were being critiqued I'd rather hear everything thats wrong with the photo rather than a dozen people saying "nice shot." A bunch of people saying they like my shot won't help me improve.

If someone can say only positive things, why can't I say negative things?

I think people these days are far too soft and afraid of offending anyone.

Rarely do I ever actually insult someone. I may insult their photo, but not them as a person. In a case like Travis in this thread I think an insult towards him is appropriate because he should know better and it was just plain stupid of him to try to get that photo in the DB.
Mike, I agree with what you said above. While I think you do say alot of things for the sake of trolling, there is certainly a mentality in this forum that 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all' and unfortunately most of the time it prevents people for really gaining anything!

Now, this that being said....

You seem to be sensible. As such, you obviously must: 1) realize your style is abrasive (sometimes even more so when you will criticize with little or no follow up) and 2) want to be known as an abrasive or trolling poster because you continue to present yourself in such a manor. Keeping this mind, don't expect people to warm up to, or for that matter, keep typing these long responses justifying your actions to us....

unless you are just whoring for attention, which would be the pot calling the kettle black
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