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I sure hope you don't think of your photos are children. You also proved that a lot of railfans are way too emotionally attached the their photos.
And yet another Mike B. logic train derailment! We'll let you keep your shovel, Mike, so you can keep digging your hole to a deeper level of stupidity. Hmmmm, is that insulting? What if it was meant as compliment, a shout out to hard work and focusing on achieving a desired goal? Anyway...

Okay, you don't like the child analogy. Fine, even though it's spot on and you know it. And for the record, I don't think of my photos as my children, and I'm confused as to how I "proved a lot of railfans are way too emotionally attached to their photos." I guess those details were lost in the logic derailment.

Here's another analogy..."Hey, Bob, that's a terrible haircut. It makes you look like a pedophile. That's not a knock on you, it's a knock on your barber." But what if that's the way Bob wanted his hair cut? Ooops.

Or another..."Hey, Chip, that shirt makes you look fat. That's not a knock on you, but it's the truth." But if Chip picked out the shirt and he thought it looked good and then someone tells him it makes him look fat, how is that not an insult to him? Well, you could argue that "it does make him look fat." But what if someone else says it makes him look thin? I guess we're back into that opinion realm again.

So I guess it's possible to insult someone even though it's not a direct insult to the person. Would you agree? Or do you still not see the parallel?

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