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Originally Posted by Ween
Oh, then that makes it okay. That's kinda like saying, "You're kid is one ugly mo-fo. But I'm not insulting you, I'm just insulting your kid."
I sure hope you don't think of your photos are children. You also proved that a lot of railfans are way too emotionally attached the their photos.

Originally Posted by Ween
Again, no one's sitting around hoping you blow all your shots. No one cares whether you succeed or fail, at life or in your hobby.
I know no one is sitting around hoping I blow all my shots, but I'd bet some people here would rather see a photo of mine that sucks than a photo of mine that is good just to make them feel better about not liking me. If you're doing the same thing that a person you don't like is doing, it's only natural to not want that person to do well.

Moore, show me multiple examples of where I insulted a person who didn't deserve it?
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