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Originally Posted by Mike B.
Rarely do I ever actually insult someone. I may insult their photo, but not them as a person. In a case like Travis in this thread I think an insult towards him is appropriate because he should know better and it was just plain stupid of him to try to get that photo in the DB.

I can articulate my rules which really just come down to one thing: accurate documentation. If it's a doctored photo it's invalid in my eyes.

I can be nice and positive, but you have to give me something to be nice and positive about.
Mike your statement about rarely insulting people is blatantly false. You often insult the person.

Don't try to be nice and positive. That would violate your rule about accurate documentation and would just be invalid in my eyes.

What appears unfortunite is that it may be possible that you could have something valuable to add to discussions, but you have commented yourself into irrelevancy.

The 'tuff guy' thing is a little old and frankly, you lack the credentials to pull it off. So take your toys and go home if you can't show some manners and common courtesy.

"Thanks for looking"

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