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Originally Posted by Ween
I'm not a trained shrink. Maybe Dr. Craft has some thoughts...
I'm not either, I just play one on discussion forums.

But hey, it's the Christmas season - peace on Earth, good will toward men, ho ho ho and mistletoe and presents for pretty girls . . .

I know a guy in the northeast - a railfan, coincidentally - who's basic view on life has always been "No matter how @$$tastic I behave, you have to let me hang around." Over the years, he's reached heights of @$$tasticness unknown to science - our dear friend Mike is yet a piker in comparison. In fact, at a crowded night photo session in 1989, a "friend" screamed the prediction that "you're going to die a bitter, lonely old man."

In the intervening years, he's found out that no, in fact, we do NOT have to let him hang around. Neither have a lot of his employers - that boy's been fired from some mighty good jobs because he felt it his obligation to treat people like Shinola.

Today, he finds himself almost completely ostracized. That prediction will doubtlessly come true, and all because he couldn't accept a simple truism - "sometimes, it's just better to be nice to people."

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