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2) Constantly criticizing others' results has nothing to do with your view of your hobby, and everything with your view of THEIR hobby.

This is a forum, I thought that's what we were supposed to do.
So your view is that "criticism" is the only purpose for a discussion forum? Or do you mean that "Opinion=Criticism?"

I wouldn't agree with either - forums can be for sharing information instead of opinions, recipes, general BSery, etc.

And one can have opinions that aren't criticism: "Azaleas make great garden plants." "Chocolate Milk tastes good." "Gary Cooper is good in 'High Noon'."

The possession of an opinion does not confer an obligation to share it

No ones feelings should be getting hurt when someone doesn't like their photos.
My comment is not about the other person's reaction - it's about the person stating an opinion.

If you insist on the right to insult me and criticize my work, I shall insist on my right to consider you a jerk and ignore you. "I can be relentlessy critical, negative and abrasive, and you have to let me hang around" is not a true statement.

I'd hate to live in that world where there is no solid right or wrong. What's your view on law enforcement?
There is far more to right and wrong than law enforcement. It's not illegal to be a jerk, but it's pretty much always the wrong thing to do. But that has little to do with the subject at hand.

I say that because I think most people here would like to see me fail.
In all honesty, I'd be willing to bet that, several hundred posts ago, you were dead wrong. Now? I've never seen any evidence that anyone wants to "see you fail." I'm not even sure what "failure" means in this context. In this thread I see people giving you a chance, but worst case, most people don't care one way or another.

There's an old saying that the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. I stand by what I said earlier - if you change your behaviour, I think people would let bygones be bygones.

But if you continue to insist that insulting a person equates to critiquing that person's photos, or insisting that there are "rules" all railfans are required to foll (that you can't even articulate) . . . then yes, people will continue to laugh at you, ignore you, exclude you. But not because anyone wants to "see you fail" - it's because, if someone is always abrasive and negative and never nice or positive, why would I want anything to do with that person? Why wouldn't I ignore him?
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