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Originally Posted by JRMDC
When I am traveling I usually check in with the local Yahoo group; have gotten lots of nice advice for Kansas City and Seattle in particular. I don't know what group covers Chicago.
The IlliniRail Yahoo! group covers the Chicago area.

Glenn hit the nail on the head in terms of accessible locations if you're at the mercy of public transportation.

If you want to hit high tonnage lines, what I would suggest is either hitting the BNSF Racetrack or UP West line. They are probably two of the busiest lines in Chicago (the Racetrack being the busiest). Both have comprehensive Metra service, and (at least for now, due to the Governor's idiocy) on weekends, there is a weekend pass that allows unlimited rides for $5.00, as long as you don't forget your ticket on your seat (like I've done multiple times).

If you really want to get some railfanning done though, I'd suggest getting a vehicle. Some of the best spots are only accessible by personal vehicle.
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