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At the mercy of the CTA? You'll be lucky if there still is a CTA in March, the way our corrupt Governor is running things.

Anyway, a few easy to get to places come to mind right away -

Turner Junction - EJ&E Western Sub crosses extremely busy CNW Triple Track Main at grade in West Chicago. About 20 Miles west of the city, 1 block from the Metra station.

Joliet Union Station - CSX/Iowa Interstate Rock Sub (Ex-RI) , CN Chicago Sub (Ex-GM&O) and BNSF Chillicothe Sub (ex-ATSF) all meet. Not all that photogenic, but very busy and you'll get a fair amount of variety. About 40 Miles form the city, but also served by Metra.

Blue Island - Never been there myself, but from what I've seen, another very busy spot on the B&OCT with plenty of IHB and maybe BRC. Also easily accessed by Metra.

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