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Originally Posted by sd9 View Post
Here's another one, I was just pointing out the obvious, I don't see it any different than the other comments accepted

The following photo comment has been rejected and will not be added to the public database:

Comment: Maybe he was giving it to you as a kind gesture as in you were suppose to catch the water bottle

Please note our comment submission guidelines which stipulate that comments containing any of
the following will be rejected:

- Comment not in English
- Numerous misspellings
- Text in either all caps or all lower case
- Excessive punctuation
- Pose a direct question to the photographer which would be better suited to a private e-mail

Best regards,
The RailPictures.Net Staff
Not numerous, but glaring! Close, but no cigar. The word you were struggling for is supposed. Surprised Jim didn't beat me to it!
BTW, in these parts it is not unheard of for an engineer (or conductor) to toss a bottle of cold water to a railfan. Only thing is they generally do it in the middle of summer when the temperature is 100 degrees in the shade!
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