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It appears the state of Maine is actively trying to purchase the portion of the system proposed for abandonment:

Note, both proposals go to the voters for approval. MMA is [u]not[u] waiting to see whether the state is going to pony up or not, and may have service ended by June. So, that brings a couple of possibilities-- 1) The lines fall silent for a period of time and are restarted, and 2) This of course brings the possibility of rebidding the operation. MMA may start as an interim operator until the state puts operation of the line out to bid, and then be right there with several other shortline operators bidding to operate on its old line.

Certainly a good development that the state is interested in preserving the lines, but is also doing due diligence in allowing the citizens of the state to have a say, as long as the politicos are willing to stomach that the answer could be "no way."
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