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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I have not see too many of the moving night flash shots lately, not sure if that is worn off or waiting for shorter days. Some are Very good and others are like the camera trap on a trail, ok for mountain lions but not so much for trains. I wonder about the acceptance ratio of those also.


It's harder to shoot on summer nights. There are a lot more bugs flying in the air for one thing. When the flash hits them they make big white spots all over the place. Many of those bugs are mosquitos which are bad enough but some carry West Nile. Another thing is it gets dark much later in the day, so it's tough on you to be out at 1 am and have to go to work seven hours later. Finally, there are a lot more people out and about on summer nights, and they are drawn to you like moths to a flame. I sometimes feel a little uneasy being in a remote spot with thousands of $$ of camera gear and see some pretty "iffy" looking characters show up. Don't have that problem when it's 20 below.

Now that it's getting dark earlier, I've charged up my batteries and begun heading out at sunset myself. This is my 11th year doing night flash shots.

Kent in SD

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