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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
It's "juiced" by links from other sites, possibly Facebook. The list of "juicers" is growing. They're not content to put their images on RP and simply see what the audience thinks. Instead, they juice the view-counts with links, so their stuff will artificially look more popular than everyone else's. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to attain a To24 slot unless you're juicin'.....or you have a wreck or a pretty woman in the scene.
I mean this is Matt Donnelly, the Amtrak photographer, lots of leeway in whats accepted of his and it always gets loads of views, though I don't know if they're linked or what. I guess these have some "news aspect" because they're the first amfleets to receive the new interiors, but they're still pretty boring photos for both to be in the TO24.
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