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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
I think the truly exceptional drone shots are vastly outnumbered by what I consider gimmick shots, and by a pretty large margin too IMHO
Some of them also look as if they were shot from above 400 AGL. I suspect that many of them either ignore the rules or they don't know the rules. A week or so back there was a video that appeared on YouTube of some guy flying rather recklessly around a freight train as it passed over a bridge. He flew through the bridge, between cars and even did some aerobatics in very close proximity to the train. At one point, he flew relatively close to the cab and the Conductor could be seen slamming an open window shut. Trains Magazine put links to that video in their weekly newsletter and instead of condemning it as completely irresponsible, they took a neutral position and just gave the guy the stage he was looking for. I hope that FAA sees it and is able to track the guy down. He probably doesn't know it, but he could face some very harsh civil penalties for FAR violations that could curb his little drone hobby for a good while.

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