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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
He is shooting at 420mm at 250th. Then EXIF says +1.4 III., not sure if this is an extender, I'd say this is living at the edge of what is technically possible?. Then not sure if there was cropping. ISO is only 200. Not sure how fast the train is moving.

Camera is an 80D so I'd guess moving up to 400 and doubling the shutter speed would be good idea. Shows pattern metering, so as was pointed out using a point metering and setting point on engine would be good.

DOF is limited, so to me you have DOF, focus, camera shake and motion blur possible all in one image?? so looks pretty good.


Bob, I have been spoilt by the 100-400 II which has a good stabiliser inbuilt, So I tend to shoot as lower Shutter and lower ISO as compared to me using the original 100-400 IS when I used to religiously follow the reciprocal focal length rule which meant that my shutter speeds were consistently high. I have a 1.4 III extender always bolted on to this set up. I agree to your advice on upping the ISO to 400 and doubling the shutter speed.

I probably got away this time because the train was moving very slow as just ahead was it's scheduled stop and the Photo has not been extensively cropped.

Click image for larger version

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The above is the representation of the AF points that locked when the shutter was on and I now notice that None of them locked on the face of the engine which probably explains the softness. I will switch to a single AF point and see how it goes along with following the reciprocal rule.

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback.

Ahem RailPictures indeed makes your learn.
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