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I was surprised to see 1600 as maximum. I size mine to the "old" max of 1200. As a note the 1600 photos I see do not size themselves on my laptop screen but I have to scroll to see it all. I only see this a few times. 99 pct of the images I click on size themselves correctly to my screen size. I don't know if this is a function of my computer or the site software not handling 1200 and 1600 sized photos the same.

My suggestion would be to reprocess to 1200 wide and see what happens???

Also, if for some reason in the processing you upsized the image(like from 1024 to 1600), you will have a problem.

Bob Jordan

Maybe someone else can look at these two, if you have larger screen the scrolling will not show up.

Your rejection:

Mine, now corrected.
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