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also asked them to inform me of the specific actions on my behalf that may trigger such behavior/actions of their personnel
Ummm...are you not paying attention to these posts? Just being a railfan is enough. Standing near the tracks with a camera is suspicious to some people. When they call it in to the cops, they tell them there's a "suspicious person" near the tracks. The cops have to show up to see what's so suspicious about you. It's their job.

Personally, I think you're overreacting to the situation. Imagine if someone was outside your house taking pictures. How would you react? But what if he was on the public sidewalk? Would you still be suspicious of him, even though he has the legal right to be there taking pictures legally? Would you still want to find out what he was up to? What if it turned out he was just taking pictures of some flowers?

You were treated with respect. I think the letter is not necessary and it may backfire against you (i.e. they may bother you even more since you're now perceived as a 'troublemaker.'). But, it's your choice...
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