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Originally Posted by Mark Bau View Post
The first one is great, can't understand why they rejected, I would straighten it a bit by rotating it 1/2 degree counter clockwise. The truck parking sign in the second shot is turning me off personally.
I think I can maybe understand the first rejection; it's in the way the road is cut off on the left side. If you had moved over to the left to take the shot, the converging lines of the road would come up evenly from the bottom of the frame and lead the eye directly to the train, so the "emptiness" of the road would have purpose and perhaps not be as off-putting to some. As for the second shot, it looks to me it got in with minimal cropping off the sides. Perhaps I'm missing something but I really don't see a heckuva lotta difference between it and the rejected version. Which makes me wonder why it was rejected in the first place. Like I said, perhaps I'm missing something. Oh, and I like the truck parking sign.
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