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Originally Posted by busyEMT
And while the requirements are minimum size, I find that the screeners/admin prefer an aesthicly pleasing size. When I opened your link, all I saw was some cars in the distance. Scrolling down to the locomotive, that was all I could see. If you really want it that wide, crop some off the top.

I have successfully appealed some photos out of the HxW guidelines.
I see your point...sort of. Okay, I cropped the shot down to 781X1024 and then resized to 527X700 which is setting the height while holding the ratio constant. The picture is now much smaller, meets the 600 pix height requirement and is viewable on my monitor with almost no scrolling. I see your point in that it's nice to see an entire vertical shot without scrolling but IMHO it kills the details that I love about larger digital shots.

I resubmitted so we'll see what happens.

I remember having a conversation with Chris years back about the size limitations of a certain railfan site and was invited to check out this awesome new site he was starting called Railpictures that would not suffer from size limitations.

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