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The Lowepro line is very well designed. Their Fastpack is a backpack that can sling.

Check out the Kata line. Very well designed and very, very light yet reinforced for strength. One thing I really like is the orange interior. Why? Well, we all have had the fun of trying to find a little black thing in a black bag in the back seat at night with no flashlight.

Yet I use the ThinkTank brand. I have the Streetwalker. it's perfect for me. It is very well designed and very well made for two cameras, 2 zooms, 4 primes, flash, filters, cards, battery, and a tripod carrier.

Lastly, I use the Think Tank Modular bags on a belt when I in the hot action. I have my two zooms, couple of primes, cards, batteries, flash, and a water bottle=total six bags. If I need anything, it's on my waist. You see the press and paparazzi use this stuff.

The belt system works for me. But I am little weird and doubt anyone else would ever use it.

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