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I'm sorry but these quotes couldn't go by without comment.

Originally Posted by jlev View Post
Road Foreman, the exposure modes that you listed, I never use. In fact, not only are they really a no no for, but in general.
With all due respect, you, sir, are completely and unequivocally wrong. Your lack of photographic knowledge is clearly evident in your shots. You need to go back and re-learn basic Photography 101.

Originally Posted by jlev View Post
I shoot on sports mode, even though the trains aren't moving too quickly in those shots, obviously.
See the below quote...this gentleman is absolutely 100% correct.

Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman View Post
...had you shot using other exposure options, (Aperature priority ((A)), Shutter Priority ((S)), Manual Exposure ((M)))
you gain a lot more control of your photo.

But I guess I've been doing it wrong for the past 20 years. What do I know. I guess Ansel was wrong too.
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