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All I ask for is screener consistency. These like minded threads have shown that at least one screener is more open minded than others might be. I ask three questions;

1. Would the other 3 (4?) screeners also accept this shot?

2. Would the same screener accept this shot when he was a having 'bad day'?

3. Would this shot be accepted in six months when screener's taste change like they normally due?

Questions (and the threads that result because of them) would easily be answered if the screeners all assembled and decided what types of shots are acceptable and what are not. Not only would that improve relationships with those submitting, it would also give the site more legitimacy among the digital railfan community (i.e., less "HOW DO THEY ACCEPT THIS PIECE OF CRAP WHEN MINE GOT REJECTED!!!!!!!!!! threads on third party message boards).

A similar guide already exist for technical aspects (i.e., focus, underexposed, etc), I don't understand why there cannot be one for more general aspects.
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