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Hi guys,

First, I'll put my hand up and say that I accepted the shot in question, and I stand by that decision.

Rail photography, in my opinion, isn't always about the train as much as it is about the environment the train is in. Is a 3/4 grab shot good in certain circumstances? Sure. But under other conditions, I feel that capturing the 'whole scene' is the way to go.

In the shot in question, I felt Darrell did an outstanding job of showing a train as an almost insignificant piece of a much bigger picture. I'm a big fan of shots which compare the relative insignificance of the train to the vastness of its surroundings, and whether we're talking about towering mountains, plains that go on for miles, or the heavens, I think there's a place in our database for these types of shots.

As with most shots of an 'out of the box' nature, not everyone is going to agree on the merits of the photo. Some will like it, some will be indifferent, and some will hate it. I happen to love this one!
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