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I love the shot but as with non-conservative railway photography it's usual, not everyone likes it.
I think the problem is that these shots hardly fit in to's profile, and which is more serious, its rules. As I'm also into non-conformic photography (as you may see here: and here: , though only a part of my similar shots have been uploaded) but even my newer shots that a are technically OK can't get in because the train is too small, it's backlit or it's simply not the kind of material would like to publish. And now I see other photos that get in and there don't seem to be any rule or standard about it.
I reckon that non-conformic photos get a lot more views than standard sunny close locomotive shots and that's a vote representing that readers like this kind of photography so I think the solution would be to set the rules for them (if it's possible which I doubt) or otherwise create some kind of policy about non-conformic railway photography so it could be a bit more predictable which ones will get in and which ones won't.
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