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I like the shot, it's a breath of fresh air from "well lit train rolling through pretty scenery" (which I like looking at, don't get me wrong, but it gets old in a hurry). The stars overhead really help convey the mood of the photo as well as look at the entire scene (the bigger picture) rather than the train. The dynamics of the shot (the train streaking through the scene) make it rail-related in my opinion, and enough to be posted on this site. The blurring of the stars is part of the point of the shot, and is a result of the Earth's rotation (I must say, I am a fan of dynamic shots).

A lesson for all of you who feel the train needs to dominate the shot: take a step back and observe what's around you! All of the great rail photographers will agree with me, look at the bigger picture with your photos (hell, Chris Starnes wrote an article on this subject for a while back). So, even if the subject matter is a little iffy, major props to the photographer for their work! Keep it up, and keep thinking outside of the box!
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