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Considering is a publisher who has every right to reject a submission, I'm a little surprised by where this thread has gone at a time of a noticeable increase in "foreign" railroad content on the site in the last 6 months or so. I might be a backer of what Jean-Marc says as far as bias is concerned as I've also had much contact with other contributors all around the world. So what?
I can't see ranting or contributors withdrawing achieving what they seek for the site. We should perhaps ask our-self why we contribute to this site in the first place if we make such a big deal out of a few photo rejections.

We must consider the "interestingness" of our photos to an audience which, mostly, isn't interested in the railroad or our country. RP is becoming more international in content and viewership through contributions from superb photographers such as Jean-Marc but it will not gain momentum if they leave or shrink back. Thousands of photos may have been removed from this site on request by contributors offended by photo rejections - what a shame!

Jean-Marc, as you probably know, there are many train photo sites for the "European market" though not with the size audience of RP. The 1200*800 maximum resolution of I liken to advertising with your flickr or a web site the full screen deal for your fine photography!
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