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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
I quote Bernd, who does not have a Forum account (and probably does not wish to):
“this is kindergarten”
“Just don't want to be treated as small boy. If they would give different reasons like "we think you have better pictures and we only want to have the best ones" I would be okay, but not this: the nose of the railcar is too dark when it isn't.
“I do not need someone who is telling me that a railway steam crane is not aesthetic enough or the nose of this DMU is too dark. I regularly publish in books and magazines (three attached), so I just don't want to be treated as an 11 years old boy who needs to learn.”
I'm so tired of this "I've been published" cliche as a justification to having your image accepted to RP. Have you seen train pics in "books and magazines"? It's not unusual to find pics that are garbage and probably should have been rejected by the editors of those books and magazines. They are certainly no standard to quality.
Rhymes with slice, rice and mice, and probably should be spelled like "Tice."

This pretty much sums it up:
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