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RP is not perfect but that is not just a function of RP itself but also its contributors. The problems with RP itself are often discussed, but I think the contributors could also be a bit more introspective. If they expect perfection they are likely to be disappointed, and how much of their response is just ego. I know, been there done that. I used to get really unhappy when one of my wonderful works of art was rejected. But over time I slowly learned to live with the fact the screeners are not only volunteers but human, and some times were not only just plain wrong, but inconsistent and arbitrary. And even occasionally correct. Can RP be made better, maybe, but I'm not holding my breath. When "art" is concerned there is probably no perfect system.

We do this for fun so if the angst outweighs the satisfaction, nothing wrong with going away. But i am particularly disappointed when folks who leave ask that their images be removed, that affects not only RP but those who enjoyed the pix.

The international cultural differences are interesting. I have had the pleasure of railfanning with a lot of folks from around the world, and there are differences. In some cases that causes conflict, but more often it is a mutual learning experience. My photography is better for spending time alongside some Brits, some Germans, and so on. And hopefully vice versa. This has become very much an international hobby.

By the way, the picture I use as an avatar here is a reject from many years ago.
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