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You are certainly not “idiots who run RailPictures rejecting a perfect picture”! You have done a great job building and maintaining RPN. This hot debate precisely shows how we can become fond of Railpictures and want it better.

Bernd does not complain about the RP selection system and the rejections.

I quote Bernd, who does not have a Forum account (and probably does not wish to):
“this is kindergarten”
“Just don't want to be treated as small boy. If they would give different reasons like "we think you have better pictures and we only want to have the best ones" I would be okay, but not this: the nose of the railcar is too dark when it isn't.
“I do not need someone who is telling me that a railway steam crane is not aesthetic enough or the nose of this DMU is too dark. I regularly publish in books and magazines (three attached), so I just don't want to be treated as an 11 years old boy who needs to learn.”

As for me, what has annoyed me is a feeling of inequality of treatment, lack of fairness between North America and Rest of the World. A feeling is partly fueled by facts, partly a matter of perception.

This is not just my personal feeling. I am in contact with other photographers (from UK, France, Netherlands, Russia) who have shared about the same concern. If I am passionate about that, it is because I hope that RP can become truly global. Making some adjustments to remove this feeling may help RP a lot. As someone said, adding some foreign viewpoint or participation to managing the site goes in the right direction. Diversity is a factor of progress. I would be happy to help. I also like the reasonable suggestions of Mitch Goldman.

There was no such thing as “a custom script to automatically add fake views”. Just a local fan of my pictures who decided he would help me, out of the same feeling that there was some excess exposure of US pictures thanks to social networks like Facebook. I have stopped that and I apologize for that.
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