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Bernd (FarRail Tours) has had precisely 3 rejections out of about 250 submitted photos since he started contributing here. I think anyone who takes an objective look at his accepted images before they're taken down would agree that we've tried to do exactly as Mitch Goldman suggested up-thread as far as giving him leeway. Meanwhile, this is the gem that seems to have him so upset that he wants to withdraw from the site:

Not exactly his best or most interesting work, I think most people would agree.

Meanwhile, you're upset and threatening to leave because you've temporarily lost your front page privileges since you were caught not once, but twice, using a custom script to automatically add fake views to every one of your images in order to get the front page (the second time coming two days after you admitted to it and promised me personally that it would never happen again).

You are a great photographer and have been a great supporter of RP over the years. I would hate to lose your 4,000+ photos. Nobody is denying any of that. But Mike Derrick is also 100% correct that the show will go on if you decide to pack it in.

I would like to thank you for this thread, though, since I think it gives a little glimpse to those reading as to what we're sometimes up against, and shows that that when a photographer calls it quits it's not always because of something as simple as those idiots who run RailPictures rejecting a perfect picture.
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