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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
Here is the situation for Vitaly's TO24 picture :
For whatever reason, the screenshot that you posted is not showing the situation that you described. Both the To24 and Home Pages are showing an image of a former CSX Diesel by James Gentry as the top shot. Perhaps the screenshot is updating continuously, instead of being frozen in time?

At any rate, is it possible that Vitaly was "juicing" his view-counts with links to other sites? A while back, Admin did indicate (here) that steps were being taken to prevent at least some individuals from artificially forcing run-of-the-mill photos to To24 positions with links. I applaud this action and would like to see it extended to every photographer here. I have always believed that To24 should reflect popularity among site viewers.....not the abilility of the photographer to campaign his/her work elsewhere.

BTW, I also applaud Vitaly's creativity with the screen name.

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