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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
I respect the personal choice of people wanting to know and visit only their part of the world, and uninterested in what exists beyond their own borders. This cultural limitation exists in parts of the population in any country in the world.

But this is not the topic here. Perhaps the title of the thread was wrong. What this thread is about is that despite the site being gloabal in nature (international / universal) - or pretending to be - the reality is a de facto inequality of treatment between pictures depending on their country of origin.
You are correct that there are xenophobes here in the USA. This is puzzling and/or amusing, considering that 100% of the "white people" here have foreign ancestors! Lecturing them or arguing with them is utterly pointless, like talking to a brick wall. Only time will change them, one way or another!

Personally, I take the drama here at RP much less seriously since my Flickr views caught and easily overtook the views I have here. There are things going on in the wider world that are far more worthy of sturm und drang than a niche hobby website.
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