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This morning, I got 2 emails, from 2 "foreign" contributors:

One was from Bernd Seiler, asking me what the process is to withdraw entirely from Railpictures: withdraw his account and withdraw all the pictures he has posted so far. Bernd has enough of this rejection business "This is a kindergarten, and they can play their own game. They do not deserve it." I am speechless and embarrassed because I opened Bernd' account on RailPictures. His pictures are so great that adding Bernd as contributor was going to be a great addition to the site. And now I feel ashamed that after 200+ great pictures he is asking me how to quit.
I am hesitating between trying to convince Bernd to stay on RPN, or acknowledging that he is right, I can’t but agree with him, I apologize for drawing him to this game, and I hope to see his pictures elsewhere, etc.

The other one from Vitaly Amtrakov, telling me that one of his pictures had made it to top of 24 hours, but is not showing up on the front page, and asking me why. I will post screen shots of this in the next message.

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