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Originally Posted by Noct Foamer View Post
The 80-400mm AFS is a nice lens, but it's just not as nice to carry at 12,000 ft.

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Yeah, it's a beast. Mated to a body, and with the hood reversed, it does fit in a Lowepro TopLoader, but just barely! Also, I am not hugely impressed with the tripod collar. Mated to a pro body or a body with a grip, I have to turn the camera vertical to lock it on the tripod. But I have been pretty amazed at my ability to get sharp photos hand-held. This weekend, I did some experiments with a crop body (effectively 600 mm) at 1/100th and I could not believe the sharpness. With the 200-400mm f/4 VR costing 3 times as much, I was concerned about how good the 80-400 could be, but I have been pretty pleasantly surprised. Like you say, it's not a great lens to hike with, and takes up way too much space in the bag for airline trips, but it's a decent piece of glass that provides a ton of reach for those who don't want to shell out 6 or 7 grand.

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