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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Surprised you are getting rid of your 80-400. I just picked that one up recently on sale, and have been amazed at how good the VR is. I plan on shooting the eclipse with it and the D7000....assuming the weather cooperates.

The 80-400mm AFS is a nice lens, but it's just not as nice to carry at 12,000 ft. What I like about it is the nice zoom range, and it's fairly compact for a 400mm. It resists flare well too. The 300mm f4 PF is much smaller & lighter, and a bit sharper yet. Downsides are I'm losing the 80-299mm range and the 300mm is known to have obnoxious flare issues with strong light shining into it. My plan is to pick up a used copy (along with 1.4x), try it for a month, and then sell one of the two long lenses.

Kent in SD
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