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Originally Posted by John West View Post
For a long time I shot 35mm slides using only a 105/2.8 and was very happy. The 105 is in my opinion very well suited for rail photography (if what you want are "train" pix not small train big scenery kind of pix). I did have a 35mm lens in my bag, and eventually acquired a 50/1.8 but even when I had more choices the 105 lens was the one I kept on my camera.

Some years later a 70-200 zoom worked the same way (although my back suffered from the load!).

This worked for me because my style tends toward tight composition (where is the rest of the picture John?).
Interesting. I recall David P. Morgan of Trains was fond of telephoto shots, although some readers would write complaining about the compressed look.

99% of the time I stuck with various lenses between 40-58 mm. I had a couple of teles, but seldom used them.

Photographers interested in quality didn't use zooms way back then. When did they become competitive?
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