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Originally Posted by magicman_841 View Post
Image © Andrew Robb
PhotoID: 445404
Photograph © Andrew Robb

That frame looks better than your first try, anyway. Well done.

Background clutter if you ask me - that thing distracts my eyes from one of the subjects - the perfectly aesthetic stanchion. Can you go back and maybe have them move the train out of the way and reshoot?

As for the other examples of "clutter" - really? That is how you make your point? The Corman police car adds - it's related, color matched and perfectly placed avoiding obstruction of even the lettering on the tender.

David's shot - though I am not always a fan of blurry foregrounds, A) Does not obstruct the train and B) Puts the scene in context. It's no longer just a wedge and is composed to show the viewer the full scene putting priority /emphasis on the main subject. Some may have preferred the opposite in blur in regards to the subject but this is still RAILpictures, lol.

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