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I'm with John on this one...

What do you have to loose? Just get an agreement on what can and can not be done once he has "the rights" to your digital image. Then, figure out a price that's equitable.

My guess - he's just an entrepreneur trying to make some pocket money. He'll likely post your image(s) on a site like CafePress and then offer it on merchandise like clocks, shirts, mouse pads, ect.

The negatives - cuts into your sales, but are you selling via such sites?
- you don't know where your images may show up.
(This is why I'd charge SUBSTANTIALLY more as the
resolution goes up). I doubt many advertising agencies
nor businesses would accept a low res image).

The positives - Some cash up front.
If you never see the image, in a sense, you've lost nothing
- you weren't marketing to that audience.
If you DO see the image and it's not within the confines
of the agreement, you can sue for damages, lol - and still
come out ahead. He solicits, you profit.

Last -Can't anyone simply order an 8X12 print for under $20 and then simply
scan it anyway?

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