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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
I hear from guys like this off and on all the time. Translated, it means this: "....I can't photograph trains worth a shit, but I'd love to use your photography to make some money for your expense, of course."

No thank you, dude...
I think Ron about summed it up. The vast majority of the RP e-mails that I get are from people wanting to do something with one or more of my images, but offering nothing other than "full credit" in return. I'm under no illusion that my stuff has any particular market value, but it is worth something to me. I don't get these pictures for free. I've spent a lot of money on equipment, software, travel expenses, charter fees....not to mention a great deal of my time. I wouldn't think of asking someone else for permission to use their photos without at least offering them SOMETHING to acknowledge the fact that the images have a value to the owner.

I haven't heard from this particular fellow, but given the same circumstances, I'd probably pass.

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