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As quickly as possible....walk away from this. Just from what little you shared from this guy, he clearly has no clue of the publishing business, or certainly the market. To my knowledge, the is no such thing as "digital rights." An image is an image, and the law covers the same no matter if it's a transparency, negative, print, or digital file. The downside of a digital image is that it can be shared with everyone in the world. He can purchase ONE TIME rights for use of an image, but that's it. It remains your image until the second coming, or the death of the last bitter and narrow-minded old white man, whichever is first.

I hear from guys like this off and on all the time. Translated, it means this: "....I can't photograph trains worth a shit, but I'd love to use your photography to make some money for your expense, of course."

No thank you, dude...
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