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Default Request for "digital rights" from Konrad Fuetter

Has anyone else received an email from Konrad Fuetter similar to this?

Hi David,

I am interested in buying digital rights to some of your photos I saw on Could you please let me know if you sell them, what restrictions you have on use, and what the price would be.


Konrad Fuetter
This seemed fishy, so I asked for more info:

What I am interested in doing is printing photos of railroads combined with beautiful nature scenes for sale to railfans at rail memorabilia shows and on the internet. I am still working on the business plan but starting out their are four of your photos I am interested in ...
First, I'm flattered: Cool, somebody thinks my work is nice enough to want to print and sell at shows. Of course, the realities are:
  1. How can I reasonably trust my original files with someone I've never heard of? I have no problem arranging a licensing agreement with a company accustomed to dealing with usage restrictions on marketing materials, but how do I guarantee a level of trustworthiness with some random internet person?
  2. There is no verifiable means of recording sales.
  3. How to determine a "digital rights" fee so that I earn fair value for my work while the reseller earns fair markup for his efforts in production and distribution?
  4. I sell my own prints directly; how do I know I won't be undersold on my own work?
  5. No business plan to present to the photographers he wants to enlist.

Given these concerns, I declined to participate in his venture. I'm curious if anyone else has been contacted by Mr. Fuetter and what information has come forth from those discussions.
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